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Re:Re:Opus #1 display problem

Simon Klee
2017-02-21 23:19
Dear Customer.

It occurs in two cases.
1.It occurs when the "album" field is not the same.
2.It occurs when the "album artist" field is not the same.

In 2nd case, Music library DB recognizes "Hell Freezes Over" album as three albums
- 1st Eagles 1's "Hell Freezes Over", 2nd Eagles 2's "Hell Freezes Over", 3rd Eagles 3's "Hell Freezes Over".

Thanks for your warm attention.

Best regards.

Hello again - I have checked everything and as you can see from the attached, on my laptop and through Mp3Tag it all looks fine but as soon as it hits my Opus that is when I see the file errors.  Is there something I am missing and can you please tell me what it is so I can fix this!  Not sure if I am doing anything wrong.

Thank you



Hi - can anyone please help!!