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new function in firmware for opus#1

2018-11-06 10:36
hi, thebit !

please add several functions to the firmware opus#1:

1 - delete a track. for example, in the additional track information window, where you add buttons to favorites and playlists, add a file delete file button.

2 - fast forward / rewind while holding down the forward / backward buttons. it is advisable to be heard where it rewinds the song. as well as the ability to select the function for the on-screen buttons forwardbackward (eg rewind to a fixed time interval = 2,5,10, 30 sec).

3 - increase the size of the navigation bar. if possible, add waveform navigation (1.jpg) and the library buttons (for example, place it in the upper left corner of the screen to get to it without looking). 


Thank you.