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Opus#3 Charging/battery problem

2018-10-13 17:51
Hi! My Opus#3 shows different charge percentage when it's charging booted and unbooted. For example, when system is unbooted, it shows 90, but when i boot system, it shows 96. Also, during listening, charge percentage can drop in one second from 40% to 3%.

Today i tried to measure full working time. Device was charged to 100%, i plugged 23 ohms IEM through 3,5 output, hi-gain, volume 80, 16 bit 44.1 khz flac. Device turned off after 3 hours 20 minutes, and again it was charge percentage drop from about 50% to zero. Can you help me please?

P.s. It's charging now with unbooted system and i tried to check charge percentage. I checked it 4 times in 5 minutes, and it was all different - first 14%, after 1 minute 44%, then 24%, then 20%.